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Meats & Fish

We are Selling Meat, Fish, Poultry Feed, Duch, Cock everyday.

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News & Events

Below you can find an overview of our press releases.Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Sobdo Agro Conference 2018

The Agro Conference 2018 is being held at The International Convention City, Bashunpur, Hall-4, on Saturday, March 31, 2018 under the initiative of Sobdo Agro Industries Limited by producing quality one-day chicken, fish and beef since 2011.

Started office at new location

Sobdo Agro Industries has relocated to its own Corporate Office Building at BSCIC Industrial Area, Sopura, Boalia, Rajshahi. Dua and Milad were arranged on this occasion. Honorable Chairman Mirza Mozaffor Hossain.

Celebratee World Egg Day

Sobdo AGRO FARM CELEBRATES WORLD EGG DAY-2015 On 10th.The company organized the program in six different parts of and distributed more than 4000 boiled eggs among the Orphanages and students.